I am starting a blog. Again.

This time, I have decided that writing a blog is completely about me.

My blog, in whatever form it does eventually assume, is simply to be a place for ideas, images and things that I come across in work, play, discussion, contemplation or whatever. I need this, because I come across far too much stuff. There is too much interesting stuff out there, and I flick across all of it, and don’t/can’t take all of it in.

So … the resurrection of my blog is simply to provide a place where I can put it all, which can then act as a key to help me remember stuff, find stuff and understand stuff.

The initial idea was that I would begin this new blog with no anonymity — this would have been possible if I was to leave my job and was to return to some more productive (and worthwhile) research. Unfortunately my initial plans for this have been scuttled through the absence of a particular project in the linkage grants announced last Wednesday. Disappointing? Yes. Quite. But that is not the end. We will see what Plan B throws up, and if not, well I will have to develop Plan C.

We’ll see how it goes …


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