This morning’s protest was huge. It was reassuring to see that I am not alone in be opposed to the destruction of the labour relations system in Australia.

The crowd was great — it was a cross section of the population of Melbourne, ranging from the hard core and highly visible unionists, the students, the ferals lefties, (communists, socialists, trots …) and most importantly, the non radical, everyday (aspirational) Australians.

These are just normal people, not explicitly branded with a label of political conviction, but convinced that these are laws are not what they want, not what they voted for — and I am sure that there were a number of Howard’s battlers there today — and that they are not going to accept the imposition of these laws upon them. I think that getting people out to support a political movement is a remarkable achievement in today’s often politically indifferent Australia and it happened on a great scale this morning.

This all gives me some sort of hope, that maybe Australia will overcome this, that maybe people actually care? How long this positive feeling lasts, I am not sure.Probably be over it by lunchtime tomorrow.

The only downer is that when I got into work, everyone was there, business as usual. Maybe it is good that lots of people came over and were asking me all about it — so they are interested in what’s happening, even if they are too scared to do anything about it.


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