a (rich) mate for head of state.

The new ARM campaign, “a mate for head of state” sounds good initially*. About time we heard something about this again. Hopefully it will generate some support for the idea of getting rid of the divine right of our constitutional leader amongst the all important electorate.

The question of the model that are to use is a separate question that should be addressed after we establish that Australia has no need for a monarch.

The thing that bothers me is that this campaign has quite an exclusive tone about it, at least in Melbourne. Whilst the campaign is being launched with a sausage sizzle in Brisbane and a picnic on the Swan River in Perth (both free), in Melbourne the launch is being conducted down on the Mornington Peninsula at a cost of $35/head for adults. A campaign launch like this is going to do nothing to reduce the association of republicanism with those in higher socioeconomic groups that was carefully cultivated in the last campaign.

If you are going to get the idea of a republic up, it needs to be sold to Howard’s battlers rather than those deadset on a Range Rover trip to a winery on Sunday morning.

* I heard something about it onthe radio this morn, but then Andrew Leigh reminded me about it. 



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