don’t be evil, my ass.

The ever-reliable Guardian, bless it, has an article about the Chinese version of Google that actively filters out search results (Tiananmen, Tibet, Taiwan, etc. …) deemed to be unpalatable to the Chinese govermnent.

A statement (wrongly) attributed* to Edmund Burke goes;

“All that is necessary for the forces of evil to triumph for good men to do nothing”

Maybe Sergey Brinn and Larry Page would do well to ponder this if they want to avoid both looking like commercial hypocrites, and the shit heaped on Bill Gates, their predecessor who in controlling global information directions.

* Apparently Burke didn’t say that. Using Google’s (*spit .. blergh … wipe keyboard*) book function, I found this introduction to a book about Burke, by Daniel Ritchie, saying that there is no evidence that he actually said that. Also Martin Porter wrote two short essays about using quotations, focusing upon the the variance and misuse of this quotation.

update: If you google ‘Tiananmen massacre’ on the Chinese site, it comes up with around 1050 results. This is compared to around 380,000 results from




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