brough guff.

The new minister for Indigenous Affairs is all talk. Just like all the the others. No surprises there. He has come out all high and mighty about breaking paedophile rings in Indigenous Australia, but only after the release of a confidential briefing paper by NT Crown Prosecuter Nanette Rogers.

Did he care about this before? I am sceptical. If he was legit about ensuring Indigenous people had similar opportunities as other Australians, why wasn’t he doing anything about it beforehand?

He is just like any other Howard minister — just sitting around not saying anything apart from what he thinks the public wants to hear.

update (17/5): Apparently, I am not the only one that thinks that Brough is cynically trying to cash in on the incidence of systematic sexual and physical abuse of women and children in the Territory. NT Chief Minister Clare Martin has effectively told him to put up or shut up.

update (18/5): As I write Clare Martin is giving Mal Brough a good dressing down on Radio National, reminding him that if there was an easy solution the states would have done it, and that he is doing nothing to help bby coming onto the national scene and engaging in political grandstanding. I cannot imagine what persuaded John Howard to give control of Indigenous Affairs to a person that is so ignorant of what is going on and has obviously displayed no prior interest in Indigenous Affairs.

Indeed, why not try to approach this problem with the standard Howard solution to INdigenous problems — remind Indigenous people that they have a mutual obligation. If there is ongoing sexual abuse in their communities take aware welfare payments. Hmmm… I shouldn’t joke about that. They’ll prob announce something along these lines later today.


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