wimmin and skill shortages.

There is a shortage of people with certain skills in the Australian labour market. Much of this shortage is concentrated in the ‘trades’, and has led to increases in wages associated with these occupations.

In addition to a simple shortage of skills, there is a concerted effort to increase overall labour force participation in Australia, to counteract future effects of ageing upon the compositionof the labour force. This has been recognised by the Council of Australian Governments:

COAG noted that with an ageing population, there will be relatively fewer Australians of working age. To avoid putting too great a burden on those already in work, more Australians need to realise their potential by entering or rejoining the workforce.

COAG has placed a specific emphasis on encouraging women, amongst others, to enter the workforce.

So … I find it entirely inexplicable that a program designed to encourage women to take up apprenticeships has been scrapped in the recent Federal budget.

Thanks to the solidarity crew for pointing this out. They posted about this in one line, and it took me about twenty.


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