brough guff (ii)

After reading about how Indigenous leaders were not be invited to the proposed meeting between the Minister for Indigenous Affairs over at LP, I thought I would go and have a look at policies on consultation, mutual obligation and Shared Responsibility Agreements (SRAs) at the atsia website.

What I found, instead was a homage to the new Minister. It is not a site devoted to Indigenous Affairs — it is actually the “Minister’s Indigenous Affairs” website. And we are greeted with a smiliing Mal Brough, and the first of the major links brings you the opportunity to peruse his credentials. What an ego trip.

How about considering what you can do for the Indigenous people of Australia, rather than what personal political opportunities you can screw out of them?

I don’t like this guy, and the more I see his work, the less I like him.


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Filed under austray-ya, pol econ, rant

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