bill leak is a racist cunt.

Bill Leak’s cartoons published in the Australian this week are so offensive. Seeing these pictures in a national broadsheet (the only national broadsheet) has just left me so utterly gobsmacked that I cannot say anything.



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6 responses to “bill leak is a racist cunt.

  1. Henry

    Ah, now I remember why I don’t read the Australian…

  2. ab

    Could he be trying to allude to Brough actually being the racist one? It isn’t very clear is it?

    It seems pretty anti-men & maybe anti-Brough(I can’t quite work out what his point is with that 1).

    It seems to me he’s having a go at the perps who have abused women & kids and then claimed it was part of Indij culture.

  3. gringo

    I am still not sure about that … now that I have hada couple of weeks to simmer over these cartoons, I still think they’re pretty friggin’ terrible.

    The first one is basically portraying contemporary Aboriginal culture as pivoting around rape and alcoholism. Whilst these are elements that are eating away at contemporary Aboriginal life, there is a lot more still going one, and this cartoon belittles that considerably.

    The second cartoon … well Aborignal men are still shown as alcoholics, and their culture is shown solely as one of violence and abuse. The thing that it says about Brough is that he is perscribing cultural values — which is sort of interesting in light of Abbott’s recent comments about the “good patriarchy”.

    That being said, I do agree with you (ab) that Leak was probably trying to “have a go” at those engaging in abuse, and then seeking to hide behind the protection of the traditional culture argument. I am not sure that he achieves this.

  4. andy

    if you cant see the problems facing Aboriginal people these days your blink these cartoons are not ment to be racist there trying to open your eyes stop fucking bitching

  5. Haz

    I used these two cartoons in a school project on racism and prejudice behaviour in modern day society towards aboriginals.

  6. Reblogged this on olddogthoughts and commented:
    When Free Speech is a Punch Down and Free for Bill Leak but the right of Reply remains an unaffordable cost for individual Indigenous Australians who don’t have the resources with which to defend themselves.

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