A flexible workforce.

This is a luverly example of what the path to a “flexible workforce”* holds for us.

As reported last night on the 7.30 report, you have a coal truck driver being fired for refusing to sign an AWA that included a $200 penalty for failing to notify her employers if she was not able to attend work.

On the one hand, you wake up one morning and are feeling quite shit. Say you’ve got the flu, like my poor Beloved Life Partner(TM)** has today. Not only are you sick, you don’t get any pay because you are not going to work, and YOU HAVE TO PAY YOUR EMPLOYER $200 FOR THE PRIVILEGE OF IT ALL.

Alternatively, you go to work, doped up on pseudoephedrine, robitussin or whatever else you can get your hands on, crash your truck and end up killing a whole whack of your fellow employees:

If you make a mistake in such a vehicle as this and you have a man hauler that’s hauling half a dozen men to work, or to another job, and you happen to collide with them, which I’ve seen happen. I mean, the result is catastrophic. You could face the prospect of killing up to eight people in one incident.

Well, both of those are not very enticing options. Except for the Robitussin, of course.

Maybe I’ll go and work for Spotlight instead.

Note: The Road to Surfdom has more on this.

* By a flexible workforce, I mean a workforce that is able to bent over and shafted at will by their employer overlords.

** Sounds like she’s inflatable or something. But she’s not. Really.


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