Case study in ignorance*.

Our Prime Minister says that children should have both a mother and father, because it “gives the children the best opportunity in life”. Not so, according to the ALRC, who say that the sexual preference of parents is not a good predictor of disadvantage.  I say that if any disadvantage does come about, it can be attributed to the persistence of negative societal norms towards same-sex couples, something that he actively encourages, by making ill-informed and prejudicial statements.

Of course, this ignores the prevalence of single parent families. Assuming that gay couples get the same domestic productivity benefits that straight ones get, two parents would provide better opportunities than one. Regardless of sex.

Our leader goes on to say, that restricting access to adoption to parents of different sex is good because “I think it’s something that most people believe is the desired, the ideal outcome”. Just because lots people might think so, doesn’t mean that it is a good thing.

Two things:

  1. On it’s own, popular sentiment is no justification for policy. It is an excuse for ignorance.
  2. Why do we accept this this bullshit? (And taken it for eleven years).

*  In case anyone other than me does read this, I am not sure why this issue in particular got my back up. It is just another example of us being treated like morons. And I felt like writing about it this time.


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