If this is Hurricane Katrina …

… we’ll sure as beans, you’re FEMA:

“[The Prime Minister’s plan] will weaken communities and families by taking from them the ability to make basic decisions about their lives, thus removing responsibility instead of empowering them … In their present form, the proposals miss the mark and are unlikely to be effective.”


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One response to “If this is Hurricane Katrina …

  1. David Bennett

    the riots

    I’ve watched this city burn twice
    in my lifetime
    and the most notable thing
    was the arrival of the
    politicians in the
    proclaiming the wrongs of
    the system
    and demanding new
    policies toward and for the

    nothing was corrected last
    nothing will be corrected this

    the poor will remain poor.
    the unemployed will remain
    the homeless will remain

    and the politicians,
    fat upon the land, will live
    very well.


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