Why are Macs so bloody expensive in Australia?

I can’t find a satisfactory explanation for this other than that Apple Australia are a bunch of uncompetitive, profit-gouging, monopolistic extortionists.

I was reminded last night about how good Apple computers can be, when I got my 7 year old iBook to start sending podcasts and photos to my phone. I didn’t need to install any software – just plug in the little USB dongle thing, and away we go. This was after over 2 ½ hours of trying and failing to get my 2 year old PC to recognise that the hardware even existed.

This compelled me to have a look at the iMacs on the net, and despite them being all nice and shiny, the thing that struck me was the disparity between Australian and American prices for these babies.

Trying to be conservative, I was looking at the 24”, 2.4 Ghz iMac with a 500GB hard drive. The Australian price was $A 2490 (sans GST), whereas in the US it was going for $US 1919. 

At the current exchange rate ($A 1 buying $US 0.89), my reckoning says it should cost about $2135. 

Basically, Apple Australia are trying to extract an extra 17 per cent from me, just because I am Australian.


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